Featured Future Friend

As a group that prides ourselves in helping those that many groups would turn away, we often have cats that are looking for a special kind of home. Here we will highlight someone’s best friend that they just haven’t found yet!

Albert (1.5 yrs) & Petrikov (4.5 yrs)
Albert and best friend Petrikov came from different beginnings:  Albert from a hoarder and Petrikov from someone who loved him, but couldn’t care for him any longer. When they came to PAWS they had to re-learn (or in Albert’s case.. learn) what love was. They met one another and became very fast and VERY bonded friends, helping to heal one another’s heart. Albert and Petrikov are wonderful cats when they are comfortable, but because of everything they have been through, it will take time and patience for them to become the cats we know they will be. They will need a person that can promise to give them the time they will need to adjust to a big change. While most will see them as cats that aren’t “perfect”, to the right person they will be the best cats. When you have earned their trust, Albert demands attention, pulling your hand to him to get one last ear rub. Petrikov will happily plop into your lap, purring. That side to them is there, but it has to be earned. If you can give these wonderful best friends the time they will need and can promise to be patient with them, come meet them at our Cherryvale Rescue!